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Crane Estate for The Trustees of Reservations - Snakes of New England and the World Presentation  5-21-2017

Nice show at the Crane Estate on Sunday. Perfect weather, great crowd. What a spectacular setting for our Snakes of New England and the World Presentation. It doesn't get much better than being at the beautiful Crane Estate on the Grand Allée (long rolling lawn to the ocean) by the old Casino grounds. We actually did the presentation in the grassy center of the tiled in rectangle of the old pool. Pretty cool venue on a nice sunny day with lots of interested people coming to see and hear our Snakes presentation.

We brought along about thirty snakes and Rick did his magic and stories about where they come from and their habits and habitat around the world. Thanks to our volunteers Dorothy Antczak, Colleen Anderson, Keith Bertone, Steve McCrory who made our show such a pleasure for everyone. 

Photographs compliments of Keith Bertone


Skeletor the White-lipped python

Ludwik the Bull snake

Humans holding Skeletor and Ludwik

LOL and WOOF showing off Skeletor.

I don't need any help holding Violet!

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