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We are run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors that tries hard to keep a lot of balls in the air. We’re always interested in finding like-minded folks that want to pitch in, so if you have an interest in helping with our mission and vision, please get in touch and consider joining our Board.

The job of the Board in the upcoming years is to put our Mission and Vision together and work toward opening a Nature Study Center in our community.  We need to grow and strengthen our organization in order to meet our upcoming administrative needs and organizational objectives. To address these challenges, the Board’s main focus is to begin to steer the organization away from an all-volunteer model, to a future where volunteers work alongside paid staff to continue our mission. 

Executive Director

Richard Roth


Nicolo Taormina

Vice President

Colleen Anderson


Katherine Bevins


Victoria Rolf

Statement from President Nicolo Taormina

I have been involved with the Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team (CAVPT) for over fifteen years. My first introduction happened to be a nighttime field trip that amazed me. It was a classic “big night” event where there was some great wildlife activity. Since then my involvement with the organization has been truly rewarding and educational. My experience has coupled my desire for volunteerism along with a passion and respect for the natural world. I have gained in-sight to the growth of a grass-roots organization and participated in the maturation process, as slow and painstaking as it sometimes seems.

The success of CAVPT can be measured in many ways. Public awareness and support through participation in our educational programs and community events has dramatically increased. We have developed relationships with other local non-profits with which we work collaboratively. We are also continuing to expand our programs and continue to emphasize our certification process, necessary for gaining protection for vernal pools.

CAVPT does have it’s challenges. Because the organization is built on volunteers, things can sometimes move slowly. Available capital also drives our decisions and to do more of what you’re passionate about you need to have more capital. Accomplishing our work involves committees and meetings and action. As we enter a phase of growth with new programs, increased budget, and greater associated administrative needs, demands on a small group of core volunteers are increased. In order to sustain our upcoming growth and achieve our vision we will need paid employees to work alongside our volunteers.

I am excited to see what we will accomplish after seeing what we have already done -  I hope you will be a part of our story.

We invite you to help out in any way you can.

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