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Main Street Block Party - Snakes Exhibit  9-1-2017

We were at the Gloucester Block Party on Main Street in front of Toodeloos Toy Store under the pepper lights. We had a native snake display and a bunch of other snakes for people to get up close and personal with. This was the second Block Party we participated in this summer and it was another hit. I'm not really sure who had more fun at the Block Party... the visitors or our volunteers. We just had a gas! Scads of people were lined up at our tent trying something most of them had never tried before... some looking, some touching, and some holding our snakes. 

Besides our snakes there were three different stages with musical performances, the knife juggler guy Brent McCoy who was hysterical, dancers, henna tattoos, fried dough, face painting, and a whole assortment of other exhibits, arts, and crafts. The Main Street Block Party is really a great event put together by the Gloucester Chamber of Commerce and the City of Gloucester for the benefit of the community. 

A super thanks to volunteers... Marisa Neves, Enza Cucitrone, Kathryn Heinze, Nathan and Laura Mahoney, Marion Healey, Genevieve Healey, Jay Healey, Colleen Anderson, Wilhelmina Rolf Thaemert, Victoria Rolf, Christian Kishida, Steve McCrory, Jon and Diane Bevins, and Rick. Thanks to Don and Susan at Toodeloos Toy Store.

Photographs by Victoria Rolf

Main Street Block Party

Five little ducks in a row in front of our beautiful native snake display.

Our Volunteer, Christian, just having a little fun at the Block Party.

Thanks to Susan and Don Boyé of Toodeloos
for graciously letting us tent it in front
of their store and use their power.



Top left in black and red... Marion
Bottom left in yellow... our newest Volunteer... Enza
Right in blue... Wilhelmina

There's beauty in threes... especially these...

Good, clean, family fun !
What could be better on a Friday night ?

Snakes like to burrow and hide so we had a lot of hood, purse, pouch and pocket invasions.

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