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Wildlife we love

We are passionate about showing people vernal pools and the critters that rely on them. Check out our Wildlife We Love pages to learn amazing things about some of our vernal pond creatures and some fascinating discoveries.

Just click the heading or photograph and crawl over to that page.

Biologist Nathan Mineo - Did You Know...?

This is a really fascinating series by Nathan Mineo. These articles attempt to answer both natural and unusual mysteries about the environment and some of its creatures. Can Newts navigate? Do eggs know when to hatch? Can salamander larvae overwinter? After you read these articles you may ask your friend…Did You Know…?

Calling All Critters

Cape Ann’s three obligate species are found in our ponds - along with other beautiful local amphibians. Calling All Critters displays a lovely photo and description of these animals, followed by unique footage of migration, mating, and sounds of frogs calling in their natural habitat.

Charming Snakes

Learn some fascinating facts about the most popular snake that lives on Cape Ann. Snakes can't actually hear...but how is it these charmers seem to dance to music? Does the Garter have a primitive form of venomous bite that isn't harmful to humans? Is a snake an Ectotherm? Do they hibernate or brumate? What the heck is all that...? 

Featured Creature

Come to my page and learn more about what I am and where I live? Whether you're wondering where this weird looking rare fairy shrimp lives, or you like the beautiful colors of the Blue-spotted salamander, you'll learn some cool facts and stats about some of our vernal pond friends.

Wandering Wonders

While learning about vernal pond wildlife and habitats, did you learn some neat stuff and then stumble onto some new questions of your own? Why do some turtles stink so bad? How does snake anti venom work?  This series highlights some of those mind wandering wonders.

Photo Gallery

From Presentations to Field Trips to Amphibians to Invertebrates, visit our Photo Gallery and see some neat stuff. This is a good place to view some creatures up close. View some snippets of the many activities and special events that our Team does each year to educate, preserve and protect vernal ponds.

Video Gallery

We have a number of videos that describe vernal ponds, their creatures, and our field work. You can also view some notorious tapes from our Snakes of New England and the World presentations. You also get to see our Director Rick Roth in action both in the field and with his lovely snakes.

Dear Fellow Dog Owners

Most people don't know that unleashed dogs frolicking in the watery muck of a springtime vernal pond can be harmful in a number of ways. You probably thought the only mess was your furry friend. The fact is... disturbing vernal ponds can cause a lot of wildlife damage so check out this page to learn more.

Turtle drawing by Ollie Balf

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