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Vernal Pond Certifications and Workshops

  • Vernal Pond Certifications
    Since its inception, Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team has worked to certify over 150 vernal ponds in the Cape Ann area. Massachusetts was the first state to offer protection for ponds and through the state's program. Vernal ponds, once certified, are offered the same protection as other wetlands. Pond certifications are registered through the National Heritage and Endangered Species Program which is part of Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. Staff and volunteers work on mapping, data collection, and online certification. 
  • Vernal Pond Certification Workshops
    Additionally, Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team holds certification workshops to educate other organizations about pond certification, and volunteers provide assistance to individuals working on certification projects on their own land. 
Check out our Vernal Ponds page to learn more about the certification reporting process.

Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team's long-term goals are to see our active and continued certification efforts result in the protection of most of the at-risk vernal ponds on Cape Ann. Additionally, we hope that more members of the community become active in conservation issues and local organizations have a greater understanding of the importance of these ecosystems. We would also like to see Team members working directly with surrounding communities in Massachusetts to educate and support them in an effort to replicate our efforts throughout the state and beyond. 

The Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team will never certify all the vernal ponds in the world, 
but if every community had a vernal pond team then it could be done.
Rick Roth, Director 

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