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Held throughout New England, our exciting live animal presentations and exhibits educate the community about vernal ponds and the complex web of life they support. Currently our two main offerings are: Introduction to Vernal Ponds and Snakes of New England and the World. These activities can be given as either a presentation or an exhibit - depending on the venue and the educational goals. Presentations are generally designed to educate a group whereas an exhibit is usually at a community or private event. They both focus on educating participants and community members about vernal ponds, snakes, local wildlife and habitats.

Can be given as either a Presentation or an Exhibit

  • Introduction to Vernal Ponds
    This program includes CAVPT dvd "Vernal Ponds" which includes the definition of a vernal pool and lots of footage of Cape Ann wildlife. We focus on the importance of these pools and how to protect them. This is followed by up close viewing of some of our favorite vernal pool creatures. 

  • Snakes of New England and the World
    Do you wonder what kind of snakes might be living in the woods near your house? Have you ever caught a glimpse of a snake just as it disappeared into some shrubs and wished for a closer look? Here is your chance to see native and exotic snakes close up. Rick Roth, local snake expert and Director of Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team, will share some of his favorite snakes and talk about their lives and habits in this live animal presentation - and he'll be assisted by our team of volunteers.

    Snakes of New England Presentation

CAVPT has held presentations and exhibits at community events, schools, libraries, girl scout and boy scout meetings, State Parks, Expo's, Fairs and Shops. We have worked with many local organizations such as Essex County Greenbelt Association, The Trustees of Reservations, Cape Ann Trail Stewards, Gloucester Sawyer Free Library, Maritime Gloucester, Peabody Essex Museum, Kestrel Educational Adventures, YMCA and many more, offering programs to their constituents and staff. In addition, we are registered presenters for the Massachusetts State Parks. CAVPT holds nearly 50 programs, reaching over a thousand community members each year. 

Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team is repeatedly invited back to venues to provide programming. Our activities are packed with excited and engaged participants who ask questions and stay in touch. As a result, our volunteer base has grown and more community members are inspired to contribute to environmental education efforts throughout Cape Ann.

Check out our presentations and exhibits photos in the Photo Gallery.

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