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Vernal Pond Field Trips

  • Members and the Public Field Trips
    Daytime and nighttime field trip participants learn about and explore these vital habitats. Operating primarily in the springtime (the peak of amphibian breeding season), these field trips allow participants to see the inextricable link woodland creatures, such as salamanders and frogs, have to these ponds. Peak nights, when ponds are teaming with thousands of salamanders and frogs, are truly a transformative experience. Other seasons also provide opportunities for experiencing pond habitat. During the summer amphibians such as froglets transition from life under water to life on land by the thousands and viewing this migration is something to behold.

    There is never a dull moment on a field trip! Over the years we have had a continued and enthusiastic base of participants who come out to watch the migration. These participants tell their friends about their adventure and through word of mouth citizens brave the cold, wet nights and are often rewarded by the experience of this rich natural event. 

  • Organizations and Corporate Field Trips
    We offer vernal pond field trips to numerous community organizations and corporations - including The Trustees of Reservations and Essex County Greenbelt. Participants are directed to a particular site where CAVPT members are on-hand to answer questions and lead a discussion on the importance of preserving these areas. Staff and Volunteers gather egg mass samples, net creatures in the vernal ponds, and investigate the shoreline and surrounding habitat for other creatures and plants inhabitants that either live there or are migrating by. This is an informative and educational experience with students doing hands on discovery and exploration. 

    The response to these trips is overwhelming and participants walk away educated and encouraged to develop their own sense of conservation. CAVPT leads numerous people through our field trips each year with many participants becoming CAVPT members and volunteers following their experience. Schedule your own group adventure because you just never know what you'll discover.

Check out our field trip photos in the Photo Gallery.

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