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Massachusetts Reptile Expo - Vernal Pond Exhibit  5-7-2017

Nice show and large crowd for our Vernal Pond Exhibit today at the Mass Reptile Expo, Shaw's Center, Brockton MA. There were lots of vendors selling snakes, lizards, frogs, and other crawlies. Also, food, animals and supplies were abundant.

Meanwhile... some of you may be wondering why we go to the trouble of doing a big giant vernal pond display at Pride Stride, the Sustainability Fair and the Mass Reptile Expo.  Well, its an audience for us to explain the importance of wetlands and wildlife habitat. So for instance, the Reptile Expo on Sunday had 1100 people come in the door and I'll bet most of them stopped by our table.

All photographs on this page taken by Keith Bertone, except the alligator.

Serious Discourse

Older girl talking to otter.

Little girl talking to fairy shrimp.

Boy holding snake talking to snake and talking to Rick about snake.

Life doesn't get much better....

I see a
fairy shrimp, spotted salamander, frogs, snakes,
a nice display,
and fascinated kids!

For all of us granola lovin', birkenstock wearin',
animal and earth loving' folks... maybe Heaven is green and Rick beat us to it.

He sure looks like he's in Heaven!

Rick Roth, our Director, from the Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team on a date with this pretty alligator and a big ole' serpent slung around his neck. Another fascinated kid!

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